Chairman & Secretary

V.P Mohammed Ali, Chairman and key promoter, NILGIRI ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE. He is an investor in medical and educational field primarily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is the first foreign investor to win a SAGIA license for opening a hospital in the Kingdom and is also known for his social interventions. Noor Medical Institute in India is only one example of such where a number of cancer patients get palliative care.

Rashid Gazzali , Secretary of Nilgiri College of Arts and Science is a certified International Trainer, Human Resource Consultant, Author, Orator and Social Worker. He holds the reputable position of the Executive Director of Sign Institute of Social Leadership at Wayanad in India which has been rendering a handful of laudable services for social transformation with a Potential Man Making Mission for 6 years incessantly. His transformative training sessions range from secondary school students to corporate business men. He is also Managing Director of Inspora International Institute, Bangalore